Reasons 14-29 of Why I Am In A Life Group

You can check out the first 13 reasons if you missed them. After that conversation, I’ve been asking folks the same question when I remember. Here are more of the answers.

14. I know I have others praying for me.
15. And with me.
16. My kids get to have cool friends.
17. My older kids get to learn how to serve younger kids.
18. I don’t have to pretend to be okay with these people.
19. Finally found another adult to play Halo with. (names are withheld to protect the guilty.)
20. Gives my kids access to other adult believers.
21. I’m learning to be a better parent.
22. I’m learning to be a better spouse.
23. I feel more connected to God.
24. I have free emergency baby-sitters.
25. I now know how to pray to God.
26. I know someone I can borrow power tools from.
27. It’s where I can learn about Jesus without all the big, churchy words.
28. I feel more connected on Sunday morning.

There aren’t too many situations more intimidating than walking into a room full of people and not knowing the name of single person. It’s like that dream of showing up at school with nothing on but your underwear. And don’t lie to me either, we’ve all had it. That feeling of being exposed, vulnerable. HATE IT!! I had a friend tell me this week that looking for a church home was harder than finding a home to live in.

A Life Group is huge in bridging this gap on Sunday morning. It’s going to be difficult to feel connected without deep, meaningful relationships. A Life Group is THE way to develop these kinds of relationships.

And it doesn’t have to always be serious stuff. I know a life group that is going to carve jack-o-lanterns together this weekend.

Reason #29 – Learn how to carve a pumpkin.


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