So I’m Supposed To Talk With This Atheist

I have an invitation to talk to an atheist. Actually, it’s a second-hand invitation. As in — “I passed on your contact info to this atheist I know, I told him he needed to talk to you.”

This happens to me all the time and quite honestly, I love it. But it does leave me a bit conflicted at times.

First, I’m thankful. It’s humbling to be introduced as someone’s pastor to their friends that are skeptical at best about God. It means they trust me to not go “pastorally postal.” They know I’m not combative or argumentative. They know I’m going to try to get to know the person, not treat them as a product or a prize.

But…at times….it feels like being thrown into a den of starving wolves with a pork chop tied around my neck. Am I supposed to have the answers? Am I supposed to know the secret sauce of words that will unlock a person’s heart and mind?

Here’s the truth – There are days when I have a hard time figuring out the questions, let alone the answers. I don’t know the secret sauce. I more I learn, the less I understand – to steal a line from Don Henley.

The first few questions that I’m going to ask will have little to do with theology. Do you like Dave Matthews Band? What about Parachute? Do you really think that Boise State deserves to be #1 or #2 if they end the season undefeated?

Here’s the foundation of talking to people about Jesus – love people. Don’t be more in love with the tract, the process, the church, and theology more than you are the person you are talking with. Besides being counter-productive, it’s nothing at all like Jesus.

How can I serve this person? How can I help this person? What in their story connects with my story?

What’s humbling in these conversations is understanding that I’m not REALLY there to talk to them ABOUT Jesus. I’m really there to talk FOR Jesus. And I think He’d like Parachute.


9 thoughts on “So I’m Supposed To Talk With This Atheist

  1. The problem with Athiests alot of times ( I remember being like this) is that they feel like they have to have answers to believe. When I didnt believe I felt that because I didnt get answers to all my questions that Christians were wrong. Its a big hurdle to jump. Boise State isnt even a top 5 team, undefeated or not. They would get run out of the stadium by half of the SEC, some of the Big 10 and Big 12. And DMB is not good music..go with Zac Brown Band.


  2. Praying for the Holy Spirit to give you the words and use the tools around you to be the witness God wants you to be. Missed you at the Kaw Valley Annual Meeting the other night. God Bless Grant.


    1. David — completely spaced out the meeting. Was planning on going.

      Mike — Agree with BSU assessment. It’s a shame your taste in music is like’s Jeff’s taste in football.

      Serious question for you Mike — what finally got you over your obstacles to Christianity?


  3. That is a serious question. Long story short is when I was at my lowest point in life, going through a divorce, kids in pain, having panic attacks and black outs/blank outs. I found myself with noone in my life to turn to, no one I thought would understand my pain, and serious questions about what the point of life was and why I should go on. I reached out and asked for Him, no thats not right. I BEGGED for Him and He filled my heart in an instant with hope and love.
    I know it sounds funny and some people would call me crazy or dismiss it completely but I honestly felt the Lord beside me…I have spent the last few years chasing that feeling, failing most of the time. I have realized this is my own fault because I dont follow Him as I should sometimes, and it boggles my mind that I know what its like to kneel in front of Jesus but I still let myself get in the way…Thats the short version dude


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