Mark 16 with Council

This morning at 7 am, there were some of the insights/comments made as we dug into Mark 16.

“And Peter”
Why this phrase? A barb at Peter? An invitation to return, that God wasn’t through with him despite his failure? A gentle reminder for the women that God wasn’t done with Peter, so don’t punish him for his failure, just go tell him Jesus wants to see him?

Mark 16:9-20
The earliest manuscripts don’t have these verses. Should we chunk them then? Does that invalidate the rest of the book? If we lost these verses, what have we really lost? Is this material found in the other gospels? All but the drinking poison and passing snakes. There’s a part of me that wishes we didn’t have that verse in there.

Mary and her demons
Do we still deal with demons today? Maybe we call them by different names – addiction, sin, etc. Do we not talk about demons as much anymore because it isn’t politically correct? Yet – a quick look at our movies and books shows that by and large most people believe in a spiritual realm/world.

Maybe it’s not the fact of demons that is disturbing, it’s the real solution to them only being Jesus is the issue with our culture.

“I’d like to have 5 minutes where I could see the spiritual realm.”
“You realize you’d need hospitalization after that? Every time a human has gotten that, an angel shows up screaming DO NOT BE AFRAID.”

(I’m reminded of CS Lewis’ quote in the Screwtape Letters – there are two opposite errors we can make concerning demons. One is to fixate on them and give them more credit than they deserve. The other is to ignore or deny their existence completely. They themselves are equally pleased with both errors.)

The women weren’t believed.
Jesus gave the honor of being the first evangelists to women. They were the first speakers of the story of the resurrection. And they weren’t believed. In fact, many thought they were delusional.

Not all people will be early adapters. Give them time and space to process and join the journey.

Do what you can, do what you know…then flex.
As the Marys went to the tomb, they had to be in a state of shock. A “What the heck just happened” fog. And they are just trying to get through it by doing what they thought they should do — buy spices, go to the body. Not sure at what point did it hit them – “we’re a bunch a women, how in the world are we going to get the stone out of the way?”

But they just went anyway, not knowing how they were going to do what they thought they should. Then when they get there, plans changed…because there was no body. Didn’t matter. Still about chasing after Jesus. Plans we can throw away and change. Still must be about chasing Jesus.


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