Dancing In Best Buy

Last night Cayden and I had a date…of sorts. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said…

“Go to Best Buy.”

YES!!! I am such an awesome father.

“I want to play on the new kinect toy on Xbox, then I want to dance on the Wii…then what about some ice cream at McD’s?”

“And I guess we’ll eat dinner after we have ice cream?”

“That’s a great idea, Dad!?”

And that’s what we did last night. Cayden boxed, then volleyballed, then busted a move to Rihanna’s SOS. I so enjoyed myself watching her have a blast in the middle of Best Buy. She didn’t care who was around or watching. She’s not quite old enough yet to think a date with dad is stupid or goofy. And she just made me laugh.

And I thought of worship…with Rihanna playing in the background. I know..crazy, unheard of…but stay with me. I thought of worship because I want to have Cayden’s kind of commitment to the moment. I want to have that kind of abandonment to the process. Cayden’s only audience was the task. Cayden’s only focus was task.

I want my worship to be like that. Let’s be honest, most of us can stand in Best Buy and dance with a Wii remote with no thought of how ridiculous we look yet flinch at raising our hands in worship to the Creator of the universe. We’ll scream at a football game, high five people we don’t know, have never met, will never see again yet won’t walk across an aisle to learn the name of the person we are worshiping next to.

I want my worship to be like dancing in Best Buy. Spontaneous. Fun. Focused. Committed.

And we did eat ice cream before the meal. Which reminded me of worship as well. That’s what worship is – the ice cream before the meal.

Thank you for kids, Father. They are teaching us how to worship.


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