6 Years of Blogging…Now What?

When I started doing this, I had little to no clue what I was doing and even less to say. Yet, 6 years later I’m still writing, still changing the look of the site when I get bored with it, and still playing Halo. Some random bits of information to forget once you’re done reading this…

1. The average life span for a blog is around 8 months. I just made that statistic up but it sounds true, doesn’t it? I’m not even sure if it’s a researchable stat or not. I’m just saying that to keep a blog moving along for 6 years is pretty cool.

2. I’ve got to watch Alabama win 4 national championships in my lifetime (1978, 1979, 1992, 2009). Only one of them while this blog has been in existence. Auburn still has none. I must write this now because come January of 2011 that might not be true.

3. The Broncos have morphed from one of the most respected, winning organizations to the joke that it is now.

4. I’m more in awe of God now than ever. This is obviously better than the alternative of being more jaded. His grace still astounds me in its scope and power. He continues to allow me to see lives changed. And I’m humbled by this.

5. I’ve written 1,983 posts. There have been 6,183 comments. Most of them insightful. Oh, who am I kidding. Most of them have been funny and witty. A handful have been insightful and most them weren’t by me.

6. I’ve been spammed 212,243 times.

The word on the street may be that blogging is so early 2000 but I think I’ll keep at it. It helps me process. It keeps me focused. And I’ve met so many of you through this and am a better man because of you.

Thanks for inviting me in on your life the past 6 years. The best is yet to come.


6 thoughts on “6 Years of Blogging…Now What?

  1. Thanks for those 6 years and it has been a good 6 years. I look forward to getting these blogs because it makes me stop and think. May God continue to use you and your family. Love you.
    Yes you are correct about Auburn we are here today, you know that.



  2. I’m glad you’re still blogging. You have no idea how often I’ve laughed or even been challenged by your posts. And it’s fun to see your kids grow up too. Don’t know if they remember me, but tell ’em I said hi.


  3. I love your blog. It allows me another view of your big thoughts . I am blessed by that. Added benefit of the small things too, the caring is in the small things. Love you.


  4. I have only been associated with your blogging for two years. I want to thank you for making me laugh. I sense a smart and well educated man and great role model for his children. Kudos to you and your creative team at Western Hills Baptist Church for your kick off for the worship service question and answering session. I thought of the late Jimmy Hendrix went i saw you on guitar. God Bless Amy and you…

    David Hitchcock
    Going back to Sleep!


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