Iron Bowl Week & The Disaster that Is the Broncos

Let’s get this section over with as quickly as possible. I turned off the Bronco game last night at half-time. I just couldn’t watch it anymore. They got outcoached and outplayed.

The Tebow pick looks even more ridiculous now than ever. Tebow is never getting off the bench as long as Orton plays the way he is playing. And if Tebow never gets off the bench, that’s another 1st round wasted pick of the Broncos. Cam Newton will be coming out, maybe McDaniels will draft him as well.

Cam will have to take a pay cut to play for the Broncos, though. [insert rim shot] Thank you, I’ll be in town all week.

Alabama v. Auburn
Iron Bowl 2010

The only way this game would be better if both teams were undefeated and playing for SEC Championship and National Championship. Almost had it this year but Alabama didn’t uphold their end of the bargain. It’s still a lot riding on this game…for Alabama. Not so much Auburn.

For ‘Bama – the chance for a BCS Bowl. They lose, they’ll get a decent bowl but not a BCS one. (I know LSU fans are screaming…both of them. But I think the Hogs are going to take it to you.)

Regardless of outcome, Auburn is going to Atlanta. What gets interesting is if Auburn loses, do they still have a chance at the National Championship game? I think it COULD happen if they turn around and blow out South Carolina. But we’ll wait and see.

My Random Thoughts About The Game

Cam Newton is either going to be bigger than Bo Jackson or hated more than Bear Bryant on the Plains when this is all said and done. If he turns out guilty, he’ll be worse than Reggie Bush. IF it turns out he’s guilty, the NCAA and Auburn will have a lot of explaining to do as well.

I don’t think Cam Newton is coming back for his senior year. Not after all this drama.

How the heck did Auburn get away with only playing 4 away games all year? And then it’s Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Kentucky. Not exactly murder’s row. Scene in Tuscaloosa will be crazy, nuts for them.

Alabama’s 9 new starters on defense has to make Auburn feel very, very confident.

Auburn’s atrocious defense has to make Alabama feel very, very confident.

I liked Saban’s comments this week concerning Auburn and Cam Newton. Classy.

I think Bama can win – depending on which defense runs out of tunnel on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Iron Bowl Week & The Disaster that Is the Broncos

  1. I am officially done with McD…I can’t take any more. Watching that team just GIVE UP means they’ve given up on him. Too bad we have to live through one more year of this *&$%#.


    1. I can’t see Bowlen firing him without a CBA in place. Unless Jeff Fischer gets fired and Pat thinks he’s worth the risk to go get. Just saw an interesting article in the Post. When Shanahan was fired, the Bronco’s BrainTrust interviewed Raheem Morris (Bucs), Steve Spags (Rams), Leslie Frasier (Vikings), and Jason Garrett (Cowboys). Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


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