Weather Is Here…

Wish you were beautiful.

I’m on vacation — hence the lack of twitter and posts. And where we are staying doesn’t get great cell reception. Which means when we run out to grab a bite to eat – I get a thousand text messages all at the same time.

So I’ll respond to them all right now.

Alabama vs. Auburn texts:

Yes, we’ll keep the road in front of the church named Auburn Road one more.
Roll Over Tide is appropriate for the second half collapse.
No, I was not rubbing it in on Cooper during the first half because of last year’s game.
Cooper handled himself with class and dignity after the win.

Oregon looks sick. And I only like half of their 27 uniforms.

Being on TV during the Aggie basketball game.
I’m twice as scary looking in real life.
I love college basketball and any chance I get to see D-1 teams play, I take it.
Wide World of Sports is a cool place but it’s smaller than you think.

Cooper won 2 tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters during a TV timeout. He hit the rim on 2 half-court shots. They gave him an extra shot because he got so close in his other attempts. The adult that he was shooting against shot 3 straight airballs. He (the adult) was pretty cocky before the contest. Cooper didn’t say a word to him. He didn’t say a word afterword. It was hilarious.

Love the weather — sort of. It’s 80 degrees and I didn’t bring a cool pair of shorts. It’s odd seeing Christmas lights and Christmas trees and sweating. But I’ll take it. I hear Kansas is freezing.

I’m actually going to miss Sunday as Brandon is teaching and I always learn something when that guy teaches. I’ll wait until it’s uploaded on our website.

All for now.


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