Trumpet Practice and Reason #30 of Why I’m In A Life Group

Camber is learning the trumpet. She’s very good at it…considering that she’s only been playing since August. She comes home every afternoon and practices. She’ll do her scales, she’ll warm up, then she’ll tackle her music.

And I’ve been impressed with the progress. Yes, those first few practices she sounded like a harpooned whale on life support in an Seinfeld episode. But she kept blowing that horn and now – she’s good. I can recognize the tunes. And they are in time. And she likes playing.

But having a trumpet player in the family means that the whole family is committed to the process. You don’t secretly practice the trumpet. It doesn’t happen. We don’t have to ask Camber if she’s practiced her trumpet. We know. When she is about to start, she walks through the house warning us – “I’m about to rattle the roof with the awesomeness of the brass horn!”

And the more she practices, the more enjoyable it is. For us all.

This is the idea behind Life Groups. We know if someone is practicing because we’re around. We see it. We hear it. We experience it with them. It’s the idea of practicing our serve or other spiritual discipline. It’s awkward at first but the more we practice, the more enjoyable it is for us all.

And because life-change is a public thing, we see and hear and taste and know the difference. It’s obvious. And we want to celebrate it when it happens well.

Just another reason.


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