The Wasted Opportunity of Broncos

After the 43-13 shelling the Cardinals put on the Broncos, I can officially say that this is the worst I’ve ever seen the Broncos. Ever. Of course, my history with the Broncos only goes back to 1977. I hear they were dreadful in the 60’s…I’d argue we are rivaling that time period. The Cardinals roll out a rookie, undrafted quarterback and dominate the Denver Broncos.

And our two first round picks of the 2010 draft got to watch the whole thing.

Sunday proved two things I said last week – McDaniels was a gifted play caller and an atrocious personnel guy. The Broncos play-calling looked pathetic. The Broncos talent pool looked pathetic.

Current Leadership
I think current GM Brian Xanders, COO Joe Ellis, and Interim HC Eric Studesville are all fighting for their jobs. (Duh, thank you for that brilliant insight, Einstein.) What is puzzling is this – why aren’t they playing Tim Tebow? The Broncos are 3 games away from owning the #1 pick in the 2011 draft, it would be nice to know if Tebow is going to work out or not. He’s a rookie, so we’re not expecting a Brady/Manning performance. But it would be nice to see how he prepares as a starter, how he handles the speed and pressure of a NFL game, how his teammates respond to him. I do think over the course of 3 weeks the Denver leadership could see whether or not Tebow is worth investing further in or use that #1 pick on Andrew Luck.

So the current brain trust decision to stick with the status quo is mind-boggling. Why fire McDaniels if there is going to be no change at all other than instead of losing by single digits, it’s now by double digits? If Bowlen fires McDaniel but Xanders/Ellis didn’t want to – how arrogant/ignorant do you have to be to understand that doing the same thing that the last guy to get fired did is probably going to get you fired as well? If you did think McDaniels should have been fired, then why the hesitation to mix things up a bit?

None of it makes sense and the Broncos are starting to make the Raiders look respectable.

The Future New Regime
Has a mess to clean up but it should start with a new COO and GM. If those pieces had been in place for McDaniels, it could have saved him 75% of his headaches. Would not have helped him a whole lot with the Spygate thing…so on second thought, the Broncos probably would still be looking for a new head coach.

My dream team

John Elway – COO.
He’s run a professional football team before. He’s a smart business man. He’d be great at reconnecting team to community and free agents. He doesn’t want to coach or GM. It’s the perfect place for him and he’s looking to get into owning an NFL team. He then hires a GM he knows, respects, will not be a yes-man…

Ted Sundquist – GM.
That name sound familiar? Yep, it’s the GM Mike Shanahan fired. He got Lynch, Bailey, Cutler and others to Denver. He argued with Shanahan about other decisions that ultimately cost him his job. But he knows talent, he knows the financial complexity of the NFL. Ted and John then go hire a coach that commands respect because of his wisdom and maturity, not his pedigree. A guy like…

??? – HC.
Originally I had Troy Calhoun in this spot but he is staying at Air Force Academy. Leslie Frazier would be a great pick but will he leave Minnesota? Ron Rivera of San Diego or Jim Harbaugh of Stanford would also be on the short list of potentials.

Please don’t bring in Gruden (he killed the Bucs in the long-term) and stop with the Urban Meyer talk as well.

Enough with the whining. Looking forward to the off-season where hope could spring again.


5 thoughts on “The Wasted Opportunity of Broncos

  1. The word around town on Tebow (take that for what’s it’s worth…not much) is that they are waiting until they’re home to play him. Not sure I buy it because they’re not that smart!

    I also highly doubt they get the #1 pick…Carolina doesn’t appear ready to win two more games this season so #2 or #3 may be our best bet.

    What do you think about Marty Shotenheimer? Would love to see him and Elway on the same side just for the irony!


  2. Good point about Carolina. Think they draft Luck? They will be looking for a coach as well.

    ‘There’s a gleen’ Schottenheimer doesn’t do anything for me. I so enjoyed Elway tormenting him all those years.


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