The Debut of Tebow

This blog will slow down a bit until the beginning of the new year but I do want to throw down my thoughts on Broncos and Tim Tebow’s debut.

I think they should install the wishbone and run it. Of course that would mean the Broncos would have to find two more people who can run the ball and that seems to be a huge problem for them.

Knowshon Moreno — I’m ready to call him a bust. Gets injured too much. Not one explosive run in pro career. He looks nothing like the stud he was at Georgia.

Champ Bailey — He’s still a stud and I don’t see how he stays in Denver unless Tebow continues to improve and Denver uses every one of their picks on defensive help.

Play calling was atrocious yesterday. Almost as bad as the tackling. I don’t see how either coordinator keeps their job. I’m not sure Studesville keeps his either.

Tebow — The players around him obviously love him. Obviously they respond to him. But let’s be honest – he was handcuffed in Oakland both by the game plan and the relentless rush of the front 7 of the Raiders. He had a couple of floating duck throws, a couple of lasers that were dropped. I loved the fact that he can run and make stuff happen with his legs but overall, I think we need to see more.

If I’m the Broncos, I throw the playbook at him and see what he’s got.

But honestly — the rest of the team looks atrocious. How the mighty have fallen.


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