Broncos, NFL Playoffs, College Bowl Games…

and one more month until the Sports Abyss hits.

In the meantime, the Broncos hired John Elway as VP of Football operations. I never even got an interview. I didn’t have a chance with Elway in the running. I guess I’ll keep my day job.

Some quick Bronco thoughts that aren’t in any particular order…
By playing Tebow these last three games, the Broncos get an upset Kyle Orton, a fired up offense, a rushing threat for the first time all season, a handful of throws that make you scratch your head and a handful of plays that make you cheer. And the second pick in the draft. Not a bad trade off.

I don’t think Denver really has that hard of a decision in front of them concerning the draft. Carolina will draft Andrew Luck (especially after last night’s performance). Given the fact that there will be a new rookie salary cap (if we have a season), this is Carolina’s smartest move. That takes the only real debate of the Broncos off the table.

If for some reason Carolina doesn’t pick Luck, (they forget to show up for the draft? they hire McDaniels as head coach and he wants to trade with the Broncos for Tim Tebow?) then MAYBE the Broncos draft him. They could then either try to trade Orton/Tebow/Quinn for more 2nd rounders OR they trade Luck for multiple 1st rounders. If Harbaugh becomes the next Bronco coach, things could get interesting.

I hope McDaniels gets hired by one of these NFL teams looking for a head coach so the Broncos can be on the good end of some his trades.

I think Denver can be good again relatively quick. Doom was hurt all year and the defense hasn’t gotten any draft attention since the Reagan Administration. So a good DC with a good defensive draft in the weak AFC West could put Denver in the playoff hunt again fairly quick. Then again, another hire like McNutjob and we’re the new Oakland.

I think KC is REALLY hating that loss to Oakland now. Win – face the Jets. Lose – face the Ravens. That’s called pouring salt in the wound. Losing Weiss as well — that’s called twisting the knife AND pouring salt in the wound at the same time. At least enjoy the pregame and tailgating, KC fans.

NFL Playoff Predictions
Let’s be clear. I’ve never really had a great year at picking games since 1998. So take these at face value.

Ravens @ Chiefs – I’ll be taking the Ravens, thank you very much.
Jets @ Colts – yeah…that’s not even fair. Colts.

Ravens @ Steelers – this will be an AWESOME game. Go Ravens. But could go either way.
Colts @ Patriots – this one will be even AWESOMER. Must pick Colts because I can’t stand Patsies.

Ravens @ Colts – Colts, that’s right. I’m picking the Colts to go to the Super Bowl.

Saints @ Seahawks – this is just a travesty. How many of us would have loved to seen the Giants or Bucs here? Okay, me either. Saints win.
Packers @ Eagles – this is going to be a great game. I hesitantly pick the Pack.

Saints @ Bears – another incredible game. And I think either team can win but sticking with the Saints.
Packers @ Falcons – going with the ATL here.

Saints @ Falcons – I don’t think the Saints can beat Atlanta twice in Atlanta.

Super Bowl
Falcons vs. Colts – either team winning would be a great story. Leaning toward Falcons if both teams are healthy.

I would NOT go to Vegas with these predictions.

Some SEC & Big 10 thoughts…
I think Alabama is that good – destroying Michigan State – AND the Big 10 is that overrated. I think the rest of the bowl results have proven that. I think Arkansas will whip OSU. And as much as it pains me to say – I think the Crystal Ball stays in the state of Alabama this year. To the “Team-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.”

I do have some other suggestions for the Big 10 Division names. They are currently using Legends and Leaders as their titles — which is completely lame. It’s really hard to imagine that many supposedly smart people were in the room and not one of them locked the door and said – “There is no way we are leaving with those as our names.” Although it could very well be another example of the power of stupid people in large groups.

But I digress. Apparently they are against using normal distinctions like North, South, East, West – try some of these on for size.

Been Beaten By SEC & Will Be Beaten By SEC
Chokers & Cheaters – (hard to say which one Ohio State fits in best.)
Wants To Go To A Bowl & Wants To Stay Home From A Bowl
Traditional Uniforms & Ugly Uniforms
The Bad & The Ugly
The Jocks & The Nerds

In Bowl Games, I’ve been surprisingly successful…
So I’ll take Arkansas big over OSU. And LSU over Aggies. Auburn over Oregon.

Roll Tide, ya’ll.


4 thoughts on “Broncos, NFL Playoffs, College Bowl Games…

  1. We let the SEC down. Should have won. They played great, almost mistake free and we didn’t. Mallett needs another year in the SEC. I doubt he stays. Things look good for the future of the Razorbacks.


    1. Well, he didn’t stay. Neither did Ingram or Darius for Alabama. I think JJ Jones goes as well.

      For next year – Arkansas, Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and MSU will all be loaded. Good night — what a division.


  2. Senior Pastor Grant English.

    I believe you have been smoking something to project the Colts in the Super Bowl. Alabama is a great team. Next Year 1. Auburn, 2, Arkansas and than Alabama in the SEC.


  3. Brother Grant:

    You have had a hard year in Football. Please stay out of Las Vegas. I believe you picked Denver to win the NFL West. What was the teams standing. Alabama to win the SEC. How many games did they lose? The last comment will cover your Colts? Please Grant don’t give up your job as Senior Pastor for a local bookie. Have a nice day at Western Hills.


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