Remember Who To Stay Connected To…

This originally appeared on our church’s website as a weekly devo…

6.01 am – alarm goes off, cello music by Jami Sieber. Calming because I’m not a fan of the morning.

6.05 am – My Utmost: I’m already a day behind and we’re only 12 days into 2011. Today is how my obedience will cost others as well as me. Will ponder this most of the day.

6.58 am – taking Coop to school. He’s got some special meeting this morning. Breakfast club…books…something. Neither one of us are particularly talkative this morning.

7.33 am – meet family in surgical waiting room at St. Francis. Pray, listen. Hang with family for a bit.

9.00 am – return phone calls, set up couple of meetings for next week.

10.00 am – Dr’s appointment, chiropractor.

11.00 am – Meet with Topeka Fired Department officials concerning chaplain program. Very excited about this and the openness some of the firehouses in having a chaplain on the scene.

12.37 pm – Meet with recent seminary grad to talk ministry. He’s going overseas soon.

1:40 pm – finally make it to office. Get caught up on phone calls, emails, and hopefully write devo for weekly enews….which is supposed to be out by now but is patiently waiting for this very devo.

One particular email stops me. It’s from a pastor in Florida. He writes:

“We’re pastors. The most important person to stay connected to is God Himself. Not the biggest giver in the church. Not the loudest complainer. Not the people we like. Not the people that like us. We MUST be able to hear from Him so that we can obey Him. He’s the only audience that matters. Don’t fill your day with so much “ministry” that you miss Him.”

As I think about the rest of my day – I’ve got 2 more appointments, a couple of more phone calls to make. I’m not done with the sermon — or rather the sermon isn’t done with me. I’ll have daddy/daughter night tonight. We’ll do our traditional McDonald’s $1 sundae run after dinner while Amy and Cooper are at youth. I’ve got more “coffees” in the morning as well. In short, I’m busy and it doesn’t look like it is going to get unbusy.

But I’m no different than anyone else around me. We are all busy. We all have things to do, people to see and places to go. We only get 24 hours in a day to invest. That’s it. Doesn’t matter how smart, rich, or famous – that’s all anybody ever gets in one day – 24 hours. Then it starts over again.

We make decisions every day as to what to do with this time, who to connect with. And as diligent as we may be in managing our time, choosing wisely how to spend it – it’s still the best use of my time to connect with the Father. Every day. Every moment. In every moment.

John 15, Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

We talked Sunday about steps that make the holy moment more than just a moment…a movement. This is one of those steps – connecting with Him just like I breath. Remaining in the moment and in Him inside that moment.

Off again…stay connected.


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