Getting Movies on my LG Optimus S

I normally don’t talk geeky stuff on my blog but since I left my iPhone for the LG Optimus S, I’ve had to figure out a couple of things on my own with little to no help from the Geek Nation out there. It’s a great phone so far…no major complaints. No regrets leaving AT&T or the iPhone. BUT there are not as many helps for this phone as there were for the iPhone.

Consider this my contribution to the fold.

I have a LG Optimus S phone with a 16gb microSD card, class 4 speed. I’m also using a MacBook with upgraded 4gb processor. It makes the compression time a bit shorter. Handbrake is the only real program you will need for this unless you are on a PC. I’ve heard that PC’s have to take another step before getting the film into Handbrake to be compressed. I don’t know all the details to that…so mileage may vary.

This article acted as a baseline to this information. There are some cool screen shots and in an effort to save some space and time — I pretty much did everything this article tells you to do except for TWO key areas.

In short — click on the iPhone Legacy preset first then make some minor adjustments in two key areas.

AREA ONE: The article says to uncheck the “Keep Aspect Ratio” box and instead put 480×320 in the dimension boxes. This the maximum screen size for the Optimus S and for most movies and TV shows, this setting will be fine.

HOWEVER, on some movies — big, widescreen, epic films – if you do this, the film will look really funny and distorted. It’s a personal preference thing but that is just annoying. I hate watching Pan&Scan movies so I did some tweaking on this setting.

Using the Live Preview button allows you to scale your movie to exactly the look you want. As I said, some movies will look fine in 480×320 but if you want to keep the aspect ratio close without feeling like you are wasting half of the precious screen size – try using a 480×272 size. It’s not the strict aspect ratio BUT it doesn’t look warped and it uses most of the screen.

AREA TWO: The article says set the bit rate to 1500.

This is going to get a little technical so I apologize in advance…just try to hang with me because this setting is important if you are trying to find that magical place between memory and quality. That’s the trade-off we are dealing with all of these smartphones – you have a smaller screen size so we don’t need as much memory, however you don’t want your copy looking like junk either.

If you keep the 1500 bitrate speed, it will result into roughly a 1GB per hour size file. This is a large size file for a phone. I dropped it down to 1000 and saw no change in quality of the film on my phone but it resulted in a 20% smaller file size! Win!

Then I decided to really experiment with this. I dropped down to 500. I noticed a little pixelating and the blacks were kind of shadowy at points. A little annoying and not exactly what I wanted BUT the file size was a ridiculous 80% smaller. I made a small bump up to 700 bitrate speed and the quality was right back at the 1000 bitrate and only a slightly larger file size of the 500 bitrate speed. Here’s what I’m trying to say —

Bitrate Speed; size of file per hour (roughly)
1000; 1gb
700; 300mb
500; 250mb

Again, it’s a personal preference thing but most folks are going to be fine with 500 and enjoy having more room on their phone. Depending on the movie, I’ll switch between 500 and 700. 700 for action films and graphic intense movies, 500 for chick fliks and musicals of which I only do for my wife and kids, I promise I’m not lying about this.

HUGE NOTE: If you are ripping these movies to playback later on your computer or on your TV — do NOT use these settings. These things look great on a small screen…they do NOT scale up. So if you plan on showing these movies on a projector or on your home theater system — scale as high up as you can.

HUGE NOTE 2: The better your original source, the better your copy.

We now will go back to our regular scheduled programming.


9 thoughts on “Getting Movies on my LG Optimus S

  1. I cannot for the life of me get a movie to work on my optimus s. I followed the directions on the site you quote: know your cell using Handbrake. I just got a pixelated garbled picture and audio. I tried MP4 and 3gp. I also tried format factory. I can’t get anything to work! Can you give me suggestions?


    1. Susie,

      Are you using Handbrake on with a Mac or with Windows? If you are trying to convert a DVD with handbrake in Windows, you’ll need to decode the DVD before using handbrake. At least that is what I’ve heard/been told by my Window using friends.


  2. you are great. i am new to smart phones but very familiar with hand break. lol. i just ordered this phone and would like to know some thing. you mentioned playing them back on computer or tv. so you mean just using your phone as a carrier like a flash drive. or can you actually play a movie on your phone and watch it on the tv…via a cord of some kind or blue tooth. if you know how to do this i would be very thank full if you taught me. thanks.


  3. if your tv has a USB drive, then yes — you COULD watch the movie on your phone on the TV. Not sure WHY you would want to do that but there might be some use for it.


  4. anytime I want to download a movie I always use the same website and have no problems but when I try to watch a movie on my lg optimus the audio doesn’t line up with the video. what do u think I should do?


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