NOISE: Can you hear Him?

This is the new sermon series we will start on Sunday. It’s a look into Exodus…


4 thoughts on “NOISE: Can you hear Him?

  1. very cool! Remember the NOISE “Encounter” we did with the “noise” Nooma Video….may want to use it some.

    I’m reading thru Exodus right now as I go thru the bible in a year….I’ll be listening to you from here!


  2. Another thought from journaling this morning….Can the “noise” of our religious activities get in the way of hearing God? Can we be so focusing on the journey and getting out of slavery that we lose our ability to simply listen and hear Him? From a leadership standpoint, do we add too much to the “vision” of what is being presented for people to hear Him on their own?

    It’s always been a struggle for me to find a way to lead people “to that place” where they, on their own, start seeking and listening.

    It’s interesting that “the tent of meeting” started simply as Moses’ tent…people would come there to ask him what to do next. That “tent of meeting” evolved into the Tabernacle. People still want a “Moses” in their pastors and worse….pastors sometimes fall into a Moses complex, instead of letting the people hear for themselves. Of course….I’m NOT talking about you:)…


    1. I think it could very well be me at times!!! ha ha

      It’s easier to give answers than it is to allow God time and space to do what He wants in the life of another person. It’s frustrating for both sides of the desk when someone comes in and expects help or answers and all they hear is “Have you talked to God about this?” It’s frustrating for the other to hear “I have talked to God and I either don’t understand or don’t like what He said.”

      I also think our own personal experiences could be NOISE is someone else’s life. Just because God chose to deal with me a certain way doesn’t mean He will use that same grid with someone else.

      Much to explore in this series…I love reading your blog, by the way.


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