From KC to Budapest

I will post the emails that I’m sending home to the kids just to keep the rest of you informed…

Hey kiddos!

I’m going to try to upload some youtube videos later. I will send you the link.

In DC we ate at 5 guys. So good. Cajun fries were awesome. And nobody complained! ha hah. We also rode these super tall RV’s built like hummers from one terminal to another. I put a picture of it up on my twitter.

They had a guy checking passports before boarding in DC and he pulled me and mom over and said — “Why are you wearing that shirt?” I said — “Roll Tide…” He said he played for Bear Bryant back in the day. Fun moment. Totally could have been the ESPN commercial. If Coop had been with us wearing Auburn, I’m sure we would have been arrested.

The plane ride was a bit cramped but I did get to watch almost all of the Lord of the Rings movies on my phone. Finished up Return of the King this afternoon while mom took a nap. Anyway, plane food was actually very good. Lufthansa knows their food and free wine with the meal. How cool is that?

Frankfurt’s airport was cool. It’s gotta a mall in the middle of it. We really didn’t have time to shop or explore, just walk through it. But Lufthansa had this free coffee machine in the gate area and mom and I had like 3 or 4 cafe mochas. It was awesome.

Oh…I also got patted down in KC AND in Franfurt. I guess I look like I’m a threat…which I am. Don’t ever forget it.

I got to use my high school German to help some lady figure out which button was hot water. Heissen Wasser — just in case you were wondering.

Budapest is cold and gray. Hoping the sun comes out this weekend so we can get some good pictures.

Tonight we eat dinner the couple that is running the chapel services at the school. Found out I will speak every day at 11 and 2.30. That’s 4 in the morning and 7 in the morning Topeka time..if you are awake.

Love you, Dad


2 thoughts on “From KC to Budapest

  1. Hey Grant. Budapest one of my all time favorite cities. First date with Nana was there. Best restaurant is Iguanas down by the embassy (the goodness is amplified after missing American food for a while). Have a great trip.


    1. Matt, we ate at a little restaurant outside Buda called Korona. Just a neighborhood kind of place – oh my gosh. Best food I’ve ever eaten. And we served by this Hungarian grandfather who spoke no English. He was so awesome to us. We’ve eaten at Iguanas before but Budapest has changed so much in the last 4 years.


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