Wednesday at ICSB

I’ve been to enough conferences to remember a speaker every now and then come up and say “Hey, I just heard from God and I’m totally changing my talk for today, let’s just see what the Spirit does.” As a listener who also speaks – when I hear those words, I mildly panic and at times even wondered if the speaker was really being authentic or was saying it for show.

Today I became that speaker.

Irony of ironies? (Is this the correct use of irony? I digress.) The point is I didn’t give the talk I had planned to give today. I’ll give that one tomorrow….maybe…but I did exactly that. No, it wasn’t as polished or as ‘tight’ as I’d like to be but…it was the right call.

We (and when I say we, I mean Amy) have misplace the cord to our SD card reader for our pictures. So…working on a solution. As soon as we have one, I’ll post some kickin’ pics. For now, my camera phone will have to work. About the pics…pretty self explanatory except the last one. It’s of Reed and Anna in Croatia in 2008. You will see Anna in the video below and I mention this picture. Thought I’d include it in the post.

I’m a little disappointed in the video quality today…must have had the shakes or something. I’ll do better from now on. Promise.


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