Thursday at ICSB

What a day…man, the time is flying by. Great times in worship today.

Some video of the day — a little better camera work today than yesterday.

Here’s a typical day so far. Get up around 8.30 or 9. (You’ll see why I sleep so late in a minute.) Finish up talk, print it out. Pray over it with my morning coffee.

Middle School chapel starts at 11. I roll in around 10ish and talk with the worship leader – Austin Branson (the only man cool enough in the world to be named after two cities). He is the youth pastor at Danube International Church here in Budapest and works closely with Andy Slaughter who is on staff at the school and he is the chapel coordinator/SEW director at ICSB.

After chapel, we hang out at lunch with the middle schoolers. It’s fun and after they are done, there is about a 15 minute window until the high schoolers eat. We actually eat with the high school crowd. After that lunch, I’ve got around 30 to 40 minutes to get back up to the chapel area, work out any changes or tweaks with the worship team before the high school session starts.

The high school session ends around 3.30. A couple of times I’ve stayed at the school and hung out and talked. Today I helped them get ready to install a lighting system. Dinner is around 6 or 6.30 and so far every night the food is outstanding and the company is incredible.

Last night we ate with the Director of the school and some of his staff in a little house like restaurant. Eating out in eastern Europe is a complete joy and the exact opposite experience in the states…I’ll write more about that tomorrow. Tonight we had some of the senior class show up and we talked. Dinner is normally a 2 to 3 hour event. More on that tomorrow.

We try to stay awake till midnight to talk to kids (it’s a 7 hour time difference). Amy normally gets to sleep pretty fast, I stay up a little later to work on video I shot, the blog, tweaking the next day’s talk. Plus the jetlag…I’ve struggled to get to sleep before 3am.

Really loving the time over here with these students.


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