Friday At ICSB, Part 1

Amy took some videos and I’m working on those but these were just some rough footage of the day. It was so busy and long, didn’t really have time to take many pics or videos.

We did an experiential service for their Upper Room service on Friday night. We had 5 stations…

slide show of major ‘nuggets’ and scripture of the week, ran for about 6 minutes. Students were told to think about the “1” thing that God had been whispering to them all week.

An elevated stage with a throw rug and candles. Just sit in silence, spend as much time listening to God as you do speaking.

What is God calling you to sacrifice. Write it down, then take that sheet to a candle to burn as an act of sacrifice.

A prayer canvas stretched out for students to write down prayers of praise to God.

Then we had couches and chairs through out the space where we had adults available to pray with and answer questions from the students.

Great time.


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