Time Doesn’t Need A Translation

I wrote this devo for our church website earlier today…

We are back from Budapest…and our bags finally arrived…and jetlag coming home isn’t nearly as disastrous as it was going. Now to answer some questions…

What was the highlight of the trip?
Hard to say just one. It’s always fun to travel and taste new foods and experience new …. experiences (did I really just write that??) but really I think it comes down to two huge moments.

Moment 1: I just had the question pop in my mind – not even a part of what I had planned to say – “How many of you have a hard time hearing God?” When I saw all those faces looking up at me I knew what I had planned to walk through with the students in the next session needed to be punted. And the cool thing was the guys that were running SEW totally agreed and we open to just following where ever God was leading us. We weren’t disappointed.

Moment 2: Friday night’s Upper Room service to cap off the week. We set up 5 interactive stations for the students to encounter at their own pace and time. It was the highlight of the week for almost every student we talked to. Another moment of when we as leaders said “we’ve got this planned but God — what do you want?” Then we just obeyed.

What did you personally get out of the trip?
How precious the currency of time really is. I spoke twice a day, talked with dozens of kids and leaders every day. Every meal was a 2 hour experience and normally that would drive me crazy. I am a closet introvert. I love my alone time to recharge and refocus. BUT time is still the best currency to tell someone you care about them and they matter to you. There will never be another substitute for time. Never.

And the best speaker in the world (which I am not) will never have the impact that a face to face conversation with someone in the presence of Christ does. And that’s why I love this picture. I had no idea Amy was taking it but I’m so glad she did because I think it captures the heart of what kind of ministry is best. The life on life in the presence of Christ kind of ministry.

Time invested in another will never need translation.


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