Being Reminded

“Hey Grant, read this.”

It was the blurb about our early service, unplugged@9. I wrote it back in November of last year. Let me quote a couple of sentences…

Unplugged@9 is our attempt at a service that embraces the questions. We unplug the instruments, unplug the big sound. We still have the same basic message in both services. We’ve just carved out time for reflection and dialogue.

She continued…”I had a friend show up to that service a few weeks ago and it wasn’t anything like that. What’s going on?”

Rick and I kinda just sat there in silence for a moment.

She wasn’t mad or combative. She wasn’t accusatory. She was inquisitive…wondering. She was curious if our heart and vision for that service had changed.

It hadn’t. We still want that kind of service, still believe that kind of service is needed. We’ve just been kind of distracted…and a little discouraged.

Rick said to me after she left, “You know we’re not just going to stumble into that kind service, right? We needed that conversation…we just need to stay on that course.”

As a platoon leader, it was my job to react in the moment, to keep us moving forward. To always put my men in a position to succeed and stay alive. I was responsible for direction but I had great NCO’s who helped with mid-course corrections when needed as inevitably we did from time to time. A 2 degree mistake over 5,000 meters results in missing the target by 187 meters. That’s huge.

I’m not going to lie – it’s a little embarrassing to be told “I think we’re drifting here.” But it’s worse to be completely lost in the woods and forget where you are supposed to be going. Much worse.

Rick and I spent the next half hour talking about mid-course corrections. And the embarrassment quickly faded away to the excitement of renewal and refocus. Onward and upward.


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