Parenting Confessions

It’s hard to believe that Amy and I are the parents of a teen, a tween, and a princess – age 8. And overall we haven’t had any major battles to fight with our kids. Some of that is by choice. We don’t get worked up about Cooper growing his hair out to biblical proportions or his insistence of wearing shorts, a sports jersey, and Vans everywhere he goes. We don’t let Camber’s desire to play football with the boys worry us. The cartwheels and jumproping in the house doesn’t rile us…doesn’t rile Amy.

We survived the toddler years. Got them into the school years and have absolutely loved these last few years with them. It has been an absolute blast and I’d never guess how much fun parenting COULD be. But it feels like it is changing.

Cooper hitting 8th grade, Camber becoming more like a young woman, less like a girl. Cayden starting to have her own opinions now. And it just seems like we finally get one phase of parenting down, the rules change on us. Hormones kick in, technology changes, friends get different.

Just rambling — not really any insight or conclusions…just trying to figure it out as we go.


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