I’m 6lbs Lighter

I got in a text battle with a dear friend of mine yesterday. The Stallion, Wayne Galli – who is literally half the man I am I’m serious, he’s half of me in height and weight. The Stallion was giving me grief about calling Orange Leaf ice cream when it really isn’t ice cream. It’s yogurt or fro yo as the say in the “business.”

I will quote from the text:

WG: Orange leaf is not ice cream.

GE: Don’t be bitter.

WG: No bitterness, just pity.

GE: I’m 6 lbs lighter because of orange leaf….sort of.


Wayne said something else to me which I’m not comfortable putting on the blog. I didn’t say it was dirty, just that I’m not comfortable talking about it. Which is really just a code way of throwing him under the bus.

But both of us lied to each other.

First, I doubt seriously he laughed out loud at my orange leaf comment. Maybe chuckled or thought amusing, but laugh out loud? Really? Do I really think he laughed out loud?

And I really haven’t lost weight because of Orange Leaf. I’ve lost weight because Amy has started dragging me up and down hills 3 times a week, 3 miles at a time. We are in our 2nd or 3rd week doing this. I’m not really sure. Time flies when you are having fun… or being tortured.

So while I am still twice the man of Wayne Galli, I am hoping to be less than that as the summer continues. I’m shooting for 1 and a third of a man.


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