Totally Distracted In A Good Kind of Way

Last Sunday morning, Cayden walked into the 1st service about halfway through it. She walked right up to the left of the room, sat down. I was just starting my message in our “unplugged” early service.

I was so distracted…in a good way.

When did she get so big?
When did she get so beautiful?
Where did she get this hunger for God’s word?
Why in the world does she want to listen to me?
How long will this last?
Why is my family 30 minutes late this morning??

And I just watched her. And smiled.

“Hi sweetie.”

“Hi, Dad.”

And then I went on with the message that morning.

I got a pretty encouraging email this week about that moment.

“Your little daughter was so cute coming into the early service and sitting there. What a doll! Sometimes when my little girl comes into the room I lose all track of what I’m doing too. What a blessing!”

What a blessing, indeed. There is a story that Abraham Lincoln’s children were the only people who could interrupt him in a meeting. Apparently, many of a Civil War battle plan was interrupted by his son. That he made Generals wait on his kids, not the other way around.

It’s a great story – not sure if it is true or not. But I love the principle of the matter.


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