Movie Review: Serenity

serenity_xlgWatched Serenity, a sci-fi Star Wars meets Mad Max. I really liked it. I learned a lot by watching it. Like that it used to be a tv show called Firefly, it was awesome but was cancelled and now they made a movie to end it. Which all seems out-of-order and a bit wacky but that’s what is show is like as well.

I was impressed with the movie – the whole reluctant hero routine fighting against the evil establishment. There is a lot unpack with youth group: search for Utopia, Idea of befriending the friendless, doing what’s right in spite of costs, mission, leadership…it’s all there. OR you could just watch the movie and enjoy for what it is: a young Star Wars fan director who finally got to make a movie, and a pretty good one at that.

I will now go get addicted to the tv series.


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