The Top Coaching Jobs In College Football?

Andy Staples has spoken. So I guess that’s that….except now I’m going to comment.

And yes, this is one of THOSE sports posts. Feel free to skip it all both of my woman readers.

Andy’s criteria was multi-faceted. Recruiting, how much money does the program make, prestige, expectations all played a part. Let’s hit the highlights.

1. Texas
2. Ohio State
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida
5. Georgia
6. LSU
7. Alabama

Andy said that Florida, Georgia, LSU and Alabama should be in a 4 way tie for the 4th place but his editors wouldn’t let him do that. So he went with this ranking due to expectations. Hard to really argue with these top 7. And for those who are wondering why in the world is Georgia even on the list? Because it is in the middle of the ATL and they don’t expect a national champion every year and they play in the SEC East where the only team you really need to beat is Florida. So it’s a top job. One that will probably be open after this season.

8. Penn State
9. Auburn
10. Oregon
11. USC
12. Michigan
13. Notre Dame

Here’s where the list gets interesting. Oregon. Really? On one hand, I wonder why it isn’t higher. You have Nike in your back pocket. There isn’t this huge expectation on the team like in the SEC. It’s a great place to live and they have like 115 different uniforms to choose from. But better than the tradition rich USC, Notre Dame, Michigan jobs? Hard to say. What isn’t hard to say is that this crew is still fairly safe in the top 20. That can’t be said for rest of the list.

14. Florida State
15. Nebraska
16. Tennessee
17. Virginia Tech
18. Arizona State
20. Oklahoma State

Andy actually did a great job explaining why he picked these schools. And while I think the top part of his list is solid, there are a lot of questions with teams 14-20.

Other schools that I’d coach at before I’d coach at any of the schools ranked 14 – 20:

Miami – in South Florida, football talent is thick down there. Great location. Downsides – not a true campus stadium, one option of many in Miami, never had a huge fan base. But couldn’t you argue that it is a better job than OSU or Arizona State?

Arkansas – SEC school, the expectations are not ridiculous high, new stadium/facilities, great college atmosphere. Downsides – have to recruit against both SEC schools and Big 12 giants Oklahoma and Texas. Very close to Virgina Tech in my mind in terms of ranking.

Boise State – think about it. Get to play a relatively cupcake schedule every year. Will win 10 games a year. Great underdog role. No real huge expectations to win national championship. Downside – recruiting to Idaho must be brutal. Blue field is now more annoying than anything.

Wisconsin – huge fan base, great college town, good tradition, big conference. It is freezing cold up there. But with the down years that are facing Michigan and Ohio State, there is a real opportunity for Wisconsin. If only that conference had a clue about dividing a conference.

TCU, Colorado, Texas A&M – I’m not saying these are great places to coach. I’m merely saying that I would think these places could be argued over places like Arizona State, Virgina Tech, and Florida State.

Let the debates begin.


One thought on “The Top Coaching Jobs In College Football?

  1. Just dont argue with Oklahoma State! Im actually pretty pumped they are in this list…Tons of money, beginning to have lots of expectations..Only real downsides are you are in one of the toughest conference divisions in the country and stillwater is kind of a bump in the road..but rabid fans for sure


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