My kids and my sermons don’t always turn out like I plan

And that is a good thing.

Yesterday at lunch the topic was my sermon. This is not normal for us. I want to talk about anything other than my sermon but today was different because Cayden got so tickled yesterday in the middle of my message, she thought she was going to have to leave.

Actual excerpt of conversation:

Cayden: “Daddy – you are really funny. I mean – how do you think of that stuff right off the top of your head?”
Amy: “He doesn’t. He studies and preps all week.”
Cayden: “Really?”
Grant: “Well…yes. But I can be funny right off the top of my head too.”
Camber: “True, but they are usually insults…followed by beatings.”
Grant & Amy: “??????”

Cooper, Cayden, and Camber now all bust out into laughter. Turns out they are quoting something they heard on iCarly. Camber has been waiting forever for the perfect place to use that quote and she found it.

This starts a nonstop tirade of iCarly quotes which leads to an insightful critique of last nights iCarly/Victorious combined episode. Of which, Cooper thought it could have been better and considered it mostly a waste of time. Cayden thought it was awesomest show ever. Camber thought it was a complete waste of time. She hated the commercials and she had some other issues with the show which I really can’t recall at the moment.

Camber and I talk about how to burn a playlist on a CD in iTunes for the drive to kids camp this week. This is really important to her because she doesn’t want to get stuck in a car with bad music. That would be a horrible way to start kids camp. Having some dorky song stuck in your head as you leave for a whole week of kids camp. Need to get a cool Christian rocking song stuck in your head for kids camp and the only way to make sure that happens is to make the CD yourself and play it on the way to camp.

I like her logic. It makes complete sense. There is only one problem with this plan…and I do NOT tell her this. What if she gets in a car that doesn’t have a CD player? I’m guessing this thought never crosses her mind because she’s never known a car without a CD player which is ridiculous if you think about it. I remember cars only having AM radio. I think she would die if she knew this.


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