Update on Cammy’s Party Mix CD and Kids Camp

I talked here about the importance of a good CD of music before any child or student heads off to camp. At least according to Camber. And I noted the one single flaw in Camber’s plan – what if the car she was traveling in didn’t have a CD player. I did NOT tell Camber about this flaw. Amy filled me in on the rest of the story last night.

As Camber climbed into one of the sponsor’s car, she asked her – “Do you have a CD player?” I am very proud of this as I did NOT tell her about the single flaw but alas she figured it out for herself. Like I said — I am very proud.

“We have a CD changer…and I don’t know how to work it.”

Cammy: “I can figure it out.”

We haven’t heard if she destroyed the CD changer in the car or not but I’m guessing it is all well. And praying for her and the rest of the crew for a great encounter with God this week.


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