Cooper’s Review of Power Up! All-Star Devotional

I blogged my viewpoint on this book back here, then handed it to Cooper. Told him to let me know what he thought. This is what he wrote me. (Yes, I made him write it out! I’m that kind of dad…I also play Xbox with him so that should even it out.)

From Coop:

This is a great devotional resource for sport fanatics who want to relate sports to God. It has four sections: hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. They are written by miscellaneous authors connected to each sport – Matt Stover, Ron Brown, Deb Patterson, and Frank Reich are a few. This book includes in each section the top 25 games in sports history. This is really cool because it relates what you’ve just learned to the greatest games in sports history.

For instance, perseverance was David Tyree and “the catch” in the Super Bowl that beat the Patriots.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves sports. This is a great book.

Great job, Coop. Thanks for doing this.


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