This Close…

Just found out that we – meaning the entire Brazil team – are only $550 short of our goal.

For me – that is a huge praise God. The tickets this year were 30% more expensive than last year. The fees for visas went up. The cost of lodging went up. The exchange rate went down. So each student had to raise about $300 more dollars than we first calculated. For 6 people – that’s another $1800 we had to raise.

Why go if it costs this much? It’s a valid question. International mission trips have never been cheap but the return on the investment is so worth it.

First, Thomas and his organization don’t get access to the public schools in the city if the “Americans” don’t come. That’s a huge ministry door opened to them all year long.

Second, the changed lives of the teens we bring. A student on a mission trip gets ruined for Jesus – that’s 50 plus years of service to the King for the price of one mission trip.

Third, the changed lives of the people we touch. For the missionaries and church workers in the region, we are a huge dose of encouragement for them. Mission work in hard to reach areas is a lonely calling. A week with other believers to worship and laugh with gives them fuel to keep driving on.

So to be just $550 short just a few days before we leave – that’s pretty incredible. Another “Yea, God!” moment.

And it’s also an opportunity for those of you out there to help. Anyone out there wanna give a little to help cover that?

Shoot me an email at office AT OR leave a comment.


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