Brazil, Day 3

7.30 – breakfast was fast and light. Pancake, honey, coffee, and cereal. No bananas. Bummer.

Ride with Thomas and DoDo into town to visit Catholic school. First time for WOL to get access in the school.

Students are doing great, jumped right in and are acting like veterans. Shelby & Caroline attract a lot of attention. Everybody just thinks they are so beautiful. We are pushing Shelby as she is very quiet and an introvert. But she is getting in there and talking with students.

Caroline lights up the room wih her personality. Students love talking with her.

Ben played soccer with kids and did well. He is also the one that is picking on Shelby. The goal is to see which of the two of us makes Shelby angry first.

John is the diplomat of the group, very articulate. Very comfortable in front of group.

Common questions are music, college, parties, and is the movie American Pie an accurate description of USA.

I’m astonished at how ridiculously stupid and irresponsible these movies make us look like. It’s equally astonishing that the rest of the world believes it. It’s why the East thinks of as a bunch of Devils. It’s embarrassing.

We had pasteis. Ooh so good. Imagine a flaky fried bread crust stuffed with meat or cheeses or both.
The next school is the other extreme of the Catholic school. Very poor. School located on side of major highway. No air or heat. No insulated walls. Tin roof and open air windows.

Funny exchange between John and male student trying to be cool:

‘Do you like Justin Bieber?’

John: ‘Not so much. But he’s real popular with 10-12 year old girls.’

Back to the party questions again. It’s easier to see the hedonistic agenda of Hollywood from afar. How accurate is it? Debatable. Most hedonism gets fleshed out in culturally accepted ways. We buy larger than we need cars, larger than we need houses, newer than we need clothes, faster than we need technology. We spend more than we make on stuff we want. So in the strictest sense we are very hedonistic.
So while the typical teen looks nothing like American Pie, he (she) is every bit as self-centered. And we (parents) led them here.

What is the solution? A life given away to something larger than itself. That’s what I hope our students catch while we are here.


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