Brazil, Day 4

One of the things that people don’t talk about when traveling is the topic of going to the bathroom. While I understand the sensitivity, everybody has to go and if you don’t understand what you are doing, it’s going to be a mess. Both figuratively and literally.

Brazilian toilets – for the most part – were designed by a 90 pound woman. For those who think the 1.5 gallon per flush toilets are weak, that is about 1.25 gallons more than what is here. Plus, the system is not designed to handle toilet paper. There are trash cans next to the toilets for the TP.

So the best advice I can give you about flushing is the same advice given to Chicago voters – flush early and often. Even then, the chances for blockage is great. And yes, it can always get worse so if blockage happens – get help. Yes, it will be embarrassing but less embarrassing than flooding the premises. I think that is enough about that. You can thank me the next time you are in Brazil.

Went back to Morungava this AM. Morning session. Another exercise in how if it’s on tv, it’s truth. Bin laden questions and how the whole country celebrated. Truth was far from it. We had a few but more people celebrated the Miami Heat losing than that. It was a great opportunity to correct some misconceptions.

It’s amazing how welcoming these people are amd how proud they are of their country. As they should be.

Afternoon session: new school in Morungava. It’s crazy how much access WOL is given because of us. For this school, they are investigating the opportunity for WOL to provide physical education, sports for them.


One thought on “Brazil, Day 4

  1. I just found this blog! So glad to get news-I’ve read them all to get caught up! Can John understand some of Portugese because of his Spanish? Really appreciate your points about their picture of the American lifestyle. Knowing what our country’s debt is and how we parents perpetuate the expectations is difficult. But I find myself in the same trap of…if so and so’s daughter has it I don’t want my left out.


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