Brazil Mission Trip, Day 1-2

Late out of KC. Late out Dallas. Late into Sao Paulo, landed when flight to Porto Alegre was leaving. AA attendant was standing at gate with new tickets for next flight.

Got thru passport control and customs just fine. No issues. Students are tired but good. Tried to contact Thomas but to no avail. Language is still a huge barrier.

Met man from PA and he was returning from Wichita, KS.

Security was a bit testy with projector. They cleary had no idea what I was carrying. Once I completely unpacked it, there was no problem.

Landed and made them eat pao de quiejo. Tired but had to push on. 24 hours of straight travel and no complaints from kids. Great attitudes amd there is a lot of laughter and teasing.

Dinner was incredible. Fish, chicken, pork, beef, and bacon wrapped beef. Lemon mousse for dessert.

New missionaries this year, good to catch up with old friends. New DTC is incredible. Great facility for gap year students. They come here before college, spend year learning from camp missionaries, deepening their faith. Learning from vocational christian professionals. They also serve as camp volunteers. Dodo is tuning this and he lives in the house next door. We are starting with him and his wife, Martina. Rebekah and Filippi are their kids, 3 and 5.

We stayed up to late drinking hot tea and talking. Very cold. 32 and humid.

Early wake up call – 7.30 breakfast.


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