Brazil, Day 5

Ulbra school outside Gravatai.  Ulbra stands for University Lutheran, Brazil.  Basically this school is a prep school for the Lutheran University.  All grades are here.  This school isa trying to be a bi-lingual school.  Hard to do as so few people speak English.  Our presence is huge for them.  They begged Thomas for us to stay the whole day. 

The school paused to sing the national anthem together.  I think that is cool.  Wish most schools still did the pledge of allegiance.

We are picking up some Portugeuse phrases. 

Diablo Verde – green devil.  Chemical used to unplug toilets.  See yesterday’s post. This has become a nickname for one of the team…not me but I can not divulge the identity.

Quaim faz isou – pronounced ‘cane faz esue’ which means ‘who does that?’

Afternoon classes were all elementary schools. The kids were awesome and so interactive! They love getting their picture taken as well. They are very concerned that US kids have to go to school 7 hours a day.

Shelby gave us a little scare tonighti.  She started shivering but she wasn’t cold.  After a little food and then wrapping her up in a blanket, she still wasn’t feeling right.   We get Thays (pronounced tie-ees), the camp nurse, and start praying.  Between the prayers and Thays – Shelby was back to normal in 10 minutes. 

We went to Johnny and Thays house after dinner.  What great hosts.  Cake and soccer.  The women played dutch-blitz.


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