Brazil, Day 7

‘Please tell me that it is not 7.45’

Not exactly the way you want to get up after 5 hours of sleep.  We made it to breakfast and then saw 10 students make decisions for Jesus in morninh session.  So not a bad start to the day.

We had a breakout session with church leaders.  Took them thru Philemon as a model for student ministry.  Paul reaches Onesimus then disciples him to go back where ran away from.  Then he disciples Philemon as to how to receive him.  Relational ministry is best.  Wr had a great discussion.  Learned alot. 

Rained all day.  Feels like Seattle.  Agnes fixed us thos awesome tea from the leaves of a tree in the yard.  Who does that?  Just fix tea with leaves from a tree in the yard?  Out was incredible. 

Then what does a camp do in Brasil when it’s raining and all the other activities are cancelled?  Soccer.  In the gym.  All afternoon.  They even got me out there…in goal.  I did not embarrass myself which was my biggest goal.  My team made it to the semi-final where we played a team that I think coils have beaten our national team.  Ridiculous how good they all are.

Pizza night is the 2nd most incredible meal we will eat.  Dessert pizza is white chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled bananas.  It’s an explosion of heaven in your mouth. 

Evening session was good.  Worship team was good.  We saw more kids respond to Christ.  I don’t know the number yet.  There were quite a bit.  We had the church leaders come forward to help.  When it was all said and done about 50 kids went forward.  Not sure what decisions were made. Will find out from leaders tomorrow. 

Had a youth leader from an area church tell me that he brought 6 lost kids and each one made a decision to follow Jesus.  He was in tears as he told me this.  He’s a young married man working just a normal job, volunteers at his church.  Has a huge heart for teens.  Been praying for these kids for a year.

Then of course is the insanity called Super Tripp Trapp.  It’s part Ninja Warrior, part Wipeout.  I’ve added some pictures because I just can’t even begin to describe it.  Insane relay games for 150 kids at the same time.  Have I mentioned it’s insane?  It is.

Another late night – it’s now close to 1AM.  Another early morning and 1 more session.



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