Brazil, Day 8

Last session of retreat.
We don’t have hard numbers of the decisions that have been made.  WOL pushes these decisions to be made in the groups with their church leaders.  They are trying to train and disciple churches to start dealing with these kinds of decisions themselves.  That is such a great philosophy but it makes record keeping a bit crazy.  I think that is a good trade off.

But I had one lady tell me that she had brought 17 lost kids and they all accepted Christ.  Another guy said all 6 of his lost kids accepted Christ.  We then saw another group of 4 make decisions to follow Jesus.  We had a couple of students decide to go to the DTC to deepen their discipleship.  Every church reported decisions of some sort.

Which put me in an awkward position.  I was asked to sign Bibles and give autographs.  Our students response was like – but this is JUST GRANT!  Ben said that if we started a band here it would have to be ‘Grant & the Americanos.’  What can I say?  I am Kobe, they are the Lakers.  Ha ha.

Life stopped at 4 to watch national team in Americas Cup.  After the first half, I went to bed.  God decision as the game ended in a 0-0 tie with Venezula.  Not happy time for Brasil.

Night ended with me teaching on marraige with missionaries.

5 messages in 48 hours.  Tired but satisfied.



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