Brazil, Day 9

Downtown today.  College Baptiste in the morning.  Many students don’t believe in God.  They chose this school because of the great education.  One of the students asked why do we believe in God and Ben gave a great answer.  I was messed up and purposeless, Jesus healed me and gave me a purpose.  He is still fixing me.  Awesome.

Market & shopping in the afternoon.  Got coffee and took students thru the fish and meat markets.  Let’s just say it was a full sensory experience.  The market was where the slave trade started in southern Brasil as well as where Spiritism entered Brasil.

Tonight is the Gaucho churrascaira.  For the first time ever we got an American on stage.  John was volunteered!  The Gaucho that has done the ballo thing for years we find out is a believer!  In fact, he is going to work out with Thomas coming to the camp to perform and give his testimony.  How cool is that?

Late night…again.



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