Brazil, Day 10

Recovery Day

We let the students sleep in.  Amy and I grabbed breakfast with the DTC students @ 8.  Then I taught a morning session with them at 9 on dating and marriage.  It was the first half of what I went through with the missionaries the other night.  A good portion of the DTC students know English so that made some things easier.

Three big steps in Genesis 2 to a healthy marriage – LEAVE, Commit, then become one.  Each significant and important step.  Leave – be your own person, on your own, know you who are.  Commit – chose to stay and love someone.  Love is wanting the best for the other.  Then become one – get intimate and vulnerable.  Problem is that our culture is showing and telling us to do the exact opposite.  Become one first (physically, emotionally, etc.) then decide to commit then leave. Great Q & A afterwards.

Lunch and zipline in the afternoon.  Then we put up 3 poles for the new high ropes course.

Dinner with DuDu and Martina – homemade pizza.  Just incredible hosts and a time for us to talk about the last 10 days.  Good to hear what God is doing in our own students after seeing a week of what He was doing in others.




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