At the Campus Crusade for Christ, err… I mean Cru Headquarters

I preach this coming Sunday – new series called “We Believe” – and so I got up this morning to put in a few hours of writing while my father-in-law went to some meetings.

CCCI made the news last month with its new name change coming in 2012 from Campus Crusade for Christ to Cru. Reaction was all over the place – some saying “they’ve taken Christ out of the name,” “Bill Bright is rolling over in his grave,” and even had some folks quit giving to the ministry.

I’m here in the heart of the beast and I think it’s my duty to report to you the horrific truth of the matter – these people…are still the most Jesus focused people I know. There are signs at every desk cubicle in the building that say – “People are coming to Christ today because of the work I do.”

I like that.

I also like the name change. It’s actually not anything radical. If you’ve been on a college campus that had Campus Crusade on it in the last 15 years, you’ve already heard “Cru.” Over the years Campus Crusade for Christ got shortened to Campus Crusade then to Crusade then to Cru. Do you have any idea how hard it is to text “I’m going to Campus Crusade for Christ tonight, wanna go with me?” Much easier to say “Going 2 Cru, U can 2.”

I like the name change because it is going to infuse some courage into the campus ministries to keep changing HOW they tell Jesus’ story. The point is to reach as many as possible with Jesus’ story, build them into maturity, then send them back into the wild to do the same. As generations change, so must our methods.

Not the story…just the methods.


2 thoughts on “At the Campus Crusade for Christ, err… I mean Cru Headquarters

  1. You could half understand CCCI taking the Campus for Christ out of their name thinking Cru is a fluke because it is a “nickname” but I believe It might stop being a fluke when CCCI is taking the “Christ” out of their Navy Ministry replacing “Sailors for Christ” with “Military Connection” which might only sound to me more like a dating group


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