My Football Ramblings for a New Season: NFL Edition

The lockout is over so now hundreds of millionaires can get back to work. (Don’t you wish there was a sarcasm font?) Here are my thoughts going into the new season.

Denver Broncos
Orton is clearly the QB that gives the Broncos the best chance of winning this season. Thus far he is proven to be miles ahead of Tebow and Quinn. However, I don’t see the long-term point of playing him. He is not the “difference maker” for the Broncos to be a championship team. It’d be nice to see if the 1st round pick on Tebow was worth it or not before scrapping him altogether. Is getting 6 wins instead of 4 wins worth playing Orton at the expense of seeing what Tebow has got? I don’t think so.

New Rule Changes
Kicking off from the 35 instead of the 30 and forcing all players on the kicking team to be within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage before kicking were said to be done for player safety. I like the new rules. It should slow down those special teamers a bit and there is a chance for a few more onside kicks. I think they should have added one more rule to the mix, though. A touchback puts the ball on the 30 instead of the 20. Would really force punters and kickers to do more than just boom the ball out the back of the endzone.

Pryor and the Supplemental Draft
I don’t get the ruling by the Commissioner. 5 game suspension for circumventing the NFL draft rules? How about just tell him – see ya’ in the draft next April. Or just let him go to the supplemental draft with no suspension. What was the penalty for the Seahawks when Pete Carroll left USC under NCAA probation to coach? Oh yeah…there wasn’t one.

Lockout Fallout
With no offseason workouts, OTAs, or rookie camps, everyone pretty much knows that defense is going to be miles ahead of the offense this year. But the real losers in the lockout are teams that had coaching changes. New head coaches landed in Carolina, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minnesota, Oakland, San Francisco, and Tennessee. Arizona, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Miami, New England, St. Louis, and Seattle all changed offensive coordinators. That could mean a rough year for these teams (save New England).

Worthless Preseason Predictions
Why even do this? Because I can and you need the laugh. I’ll post my annual Denver Bronco schedule later…

AFC West: Chargers
AFC North: Steelers
AFC East: Patriots
AFC South: Colts
Wildcards: Ravens, Jets

Comments: Chiefs will now play a harder schedule and with a new offensive coordinator. They will be competitive but not better than the Ravens or Jets for the wildcard.

Darkhorse Team That Could Surprise Us All: Texans. An average defense and that team is scary good.

AFC Champion: Steelers (through gritted teeth)

NFC West: Who really cares? I guess I’ll pick the Cardinals.
NFC North: Packers
NFC East: Eagles
NFC South: Saints
Wildcards: Falcons, Bucs

Comments: NFC South is so deep…and young. Packers, Falcons, or Saints could each win their way to the Super Bowl.

Darkhorse Team That Could Surprise Us All: Lions. They have a ferocious defense and if they can keep Stafford healthy, they will win a lot of games.

NFC Champion: Saints

Super Bowl Champion: Saints

Sorry Who Dat Nation. I hope I didn’t just secure your demise.


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