I’m a Drew Litton Fan…and it finally paid off.

I grew up with Drew Litton. Not literally, mind you but he was a sports cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News (may they rest in piece…loved that paper) and he was as much of the Denver sports landscape as the Broncos.

He now does freelance stuff and some drawing for ESPN as well. Every week he has a weekly caption contest. He’ll draw a picture then allow all the fans the opportunity to write the caption…hence…the Caption contest…you get the point.

I finally made the LIST!!! No…I didn’t win but I was a finalist. It’s a honor and I’d like to thank the Academy and all the little people that made this possible.

Here is the link

Great entries Everyone! Congrats to all of the finalists:

Derek Bartlett:
WOW! That Von Miller can hit!

Ed Walsh:
Josh Mcdaniel’s Draft class of 2010.

Louis: (2 awesome ones!)
I guess C.U. got a good look at their Pac-12 schedule
That reminds me. I’m having dinner with the in-laws tonight.

Dale Stout:
It’s opening time at IKEA.

John August McEvoy:
Isn’t that the place where they buried all that recalled sauerkraut last month?

Grant English:
Well, looks like McDaniels is settling in nicely over in St. Louis.


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