My Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night – Wedding at Lake Shawnee. Really enjoy this couple. Looking forward to getting to know them better. I prefer Friday night weddings over Saturday afternoon.

11 AM – funeral for Robin Sadler. Western Hills was packed. We got a little late start on the funeral to make sure everyone was situated and ready. I don’t think anyone minded at all. Funerals are never fun but this one was good. Good in that – we miss Robin but her life and testimony give such hope and joy. Lots of tears and laughter.

1 PM – get home from funeral to head out to Lake Wabaunsee. We were invited by some friends to spend the weekend but obviously couldn’t. Instead, we came out for Saturday afternoon. Rain came rolling in at the same time we were getting ready to leave. We were tempted to just stay home. I was tired, drained from the funeral/wedding but…we decided to go anyway.

So glad we did. I caught one fish in the middle of the day. Not bad at all considering the conditions. The company and food were outstanding. We looked up and it was already 8 pm. Time flies. Headed home for church.

9 & 10.30 AM
It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m learning in Kansas that means days at the lake. Plus our weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous. I know other pastors will never admit this but it’s true – I was preparing for a ‘low’ Sunday. I get it. I understand. I don’t harbor ill-well to those families who take off on a long weekend to spend with their family. It’s just a reality that the church has to deal with.

We were pretty packed on Sunday morning. Never would have guess it was a holiday weekend.

We had a great service as well – dealing with the issue of eternity, heaven and hell. Here are the two big nuggets I hope people walked away with…

I was sold “Heaven” as a kid like a time-share condo. If they had told me that the only way to get to heaven was to do cartwheels with animal crackers in my mouth, I’d have done that. I wanted no part of Hell.

Truth is there is no heaven without Jesus. Where ever Jesus is, Heaven is. The real question of eternity isn’t about heaven and/or hell. It’s about Jesus. Do you love and want to be with Jesus?

1 pm
We leave church and head to Kansas City to drop kids off at Nana’s and Poppy’s house. They will celebrate Cayden’s birthday yet so more. (It felt like birthday week, not birthday day this year…) Amy and I grab a room on the Plaza.

We get a 3 mile walk in before dinner and rent a couple of movies at redbox.

We get another over 3 mile walk in, then coffee at Starbucks. A visit to the Apple Store then some BBQ for lunch. We wanted Oklahoma Joe’s but they were closed for Labor Day. Rosedale BBQ instead. It was a mixed bag. The sausage and corn fritters were the best ever. The pork and fries were average/below average.

Head over to some friends house in Topeka for grilling.

Home and kids in bed but allergies decided to kick me in the face pretty good. I spend the next hour just sneezing and basically miserable.

Ready for the week? Ready or not…


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