Football Thoughts, Week of September 18

College Football

OU manages to survive at FSU
Was it the defense or was the FSU offense that bad? I really think this is OU’s only real test this season. Their only real obstacle left in front of them is themselves. If they show up and play the way they are capable, they should win out with their schedule. Of course, that’s the trick with OU – showing up and playing. That’s why we play ’em.

LSU escapes
Interesting stat that ESPN popped up during the game – Mississippi State has only defeated Ole Miss in the SEC West under Dan Mullen’s tenure. He’s gone winless against the rest of the division. Mullen is generally seen as a great coach and has MSU headed in the right direction but that just goes to show you how tough the SEC West really is. The East is another story altogether.

Alabama cruises, Arkansas sort of cruises
Both teams cruised out to huge early leads against severely overmatched opponents. Arkansas then kinda got a little sloppy but my hunch is Petrino will use that to keep the Hogs focused on Alabama this week. Alabama’s defense is allowing 2.5 yards a play this year. Arkansas’ offense will be the first real test though. Great offense against great defense in a great venue. Roll Tide. This game will be a doosey – in the words of Keith Jackson.


The Chefs (misspelled on purpose) are atrocious. 84-10. That’s how they have been manhandled by the Bills and the Lions. And it’s not just the injuries. This team looks out-coached, out-hustled, and out-everything else. Half of them look like they don’t even want to be there Is this just more evidence that Haley’s act wears thin on players? Maybe.

The Broncos won against that Bengals but not before they tried to give the game back to them a couple of times.

“Here, you win the game.”
“No, really. It’s your turn. You win.”
“No, I instist, you’re the home team. You win.”

A 2 point win against a Marvin Lewis coached, bad Bengals team is not something to get excited about. They should have won this game going away. They didn’t. And that pretty much says all we need to know. They are going to play hard under John Fox but the talent isn’t there anymore. They are all playing for other teams (thank you Josh McDaniels) and this win just delays the inevitable.

Nobody circles the wagons like the Bills. I could become a Bills fan after watching them the past two weeks. They are fun to watch. And they beat the Raiders. I like that.

Fantasy Football Update:

2 leagues this year with polar opposite results.

TABC League – been in this league for 8 or 9 years. This is my worst year because I wasn’t available for the draft. I did the auto draft. Worst. Decision. Ever. I had 9 RBs, 1 QB (Flacco…really?) and the rest WRs. It was atrocious. I’m just punting this year. Not even really going to the waiver wire because it’s just that bad. I’m 0-2 and it doesn’t look good the rest of the way. Not even been remotely close in any of the games.

WHFL – Newly formed Western Hills league. Pretty much had the draft of my life this year. I was buried at the #11 pick. So I just picked up Andre Johnson at 11, then Tom Brady at 14. Genius. So far, I have been on the right end of two big blowouts. Could be the year.


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