Pac-12 will stay 12 But Everything Is Still Fine In The Big 12

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago how the Big 12 is toast. Not everyone agreed.

Today these 3 gems land.

Gem 1 – Pac-12 will stay at 12 because they could not get any assurances from…wait for it…TEXAS that it would agree to equal revenue sharing in the conference.

Gem 2 – Oklahoma will stay in Big-12 as long as Beebe is gone and there is major reform concerning the Longhorn Network.

Gem 3 – Missouri is rumored to be the 14th team for the SEC. (Which would move Auburn to the SEC East…not sure what I think about that. They’d do pretty good over there.)

We’ve been down this road before with Missouri and the Big 10. That didn’t end well for the Tigers and personally, I don’t think we need another Tiger mascot in the SEC. But I digress… My hunch is that if Oklahoma gets want it wants and stays – Missouri will stay as well.

For the rest of the schools, it seems like it’s just a big game of wait and see.


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