The Ministry of Interruption

It’s only Tuesday night and it’s already been a week of interruptions. Which is better than okay. It wasn’t that long ago that a week like this would have totally cratered me and made me one irritable, exhausted man. That was before God smacked me around a bit.

Interruptions are God-opportunities. And they are not even in disguise. They are God’s billboard that is screaming “I AM DOING SOMETHING HERE AND YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND JOIN ME RIGHT NOW!!!!”

A couple of late night phone calls. Some early morning conversations. Another friend who is dealing with the loss of his dad. Another friend dealing with her last days on earth as cancer wins. Another friend dealing with the loss of a sibling. Another young man processing the loss of his best friend at the young age of 29.

God is close to the broken because the broken seem to be open to hearing Him. And that’s the ministry of interruption – being there in that moment. Not to fix it. Good night, some things just can’t be fixed this side of heaven. In fact, I think God chooses not to fix some situations because their is something in the brokenness we can’t get anywhere else. Not sure if I can articulate exactly what THAT is but….

To be in that moment is not rocket-science. Pray, show up, love on them like Jesus, pray, be still, pray, wait, then speak when He speaks. Keep quiet if He is quiet. Be there.


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