Weekend Football Thoughts, September 24

Meant to post this last week — got lost in the draft folder.

LSU jumped Oklahoma for the #1 spot. Apparently West Virgina is a powerhouse team to be feared. Not that it matters. In a few weeks, Alabama-LSU will enter the cage match of the season in Tuscaloosa. That is going to be one crazy good game.

Alabama manhandled Arkansas. In past years, Arkansas would hang around and make every Alabama fan nervous but ‘Bama would prevail…as long as the Tide could make field goals. (I was at that game…ugggghhhh.) But this year – Alabama just beat them up. The Hogs’ offense is plenty sophisticated and will put up a lot of points this year. But Alabama just physically dominated. It was like watching the big bully prove that he wasn’t just talk but could actually kick your butt.

Alabama’s offense is another story altogether. It’s the antithesis of Arkansas. There are two guys that make that thing go – Lacey and Richardson. And it’s Bowling Ball 1 and Bowling Ball 2. But there isn’t a QB in the state of Alabama that really strikes fear in anybody. Maybe the guy playing for Hoover High. It’s a weakness that could really hurt the Tide later in the year…but then again, if offenses only score 10 points a game…

Pro Football

It’s debatable which team is more painful to watch – the Chiefs or the Broncos. I’m not sure if KC can win a game at this point. They just find ways to lose that aren’t even imaginable.

The Broncos…another day in Orton’s paradise. Play well enough to be average. The problem with this scenario is this – Broncos could lose every game on their schedule and it might not be bad enough to get Luck.

Minnesota and Seattle are taking football back decades. KC is as well but even if the Broncs split with them, where else is KC going to win? Same question for Denver – who else can they beat?

KC plays Minnesota next week, Broncs get the Packers. KC could win. Should win. Broncs will be lucky to make it to halftime.

But nobody circles the wagons like the Bills!!!! Way to go, Bills.


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