Football Thoughts, Week of Oct 2

College Football
Can you imagine how good Alabama would be with a good kick-off team? After the initial 10-3 lead by Florida, it was over. The defense is just smothering fast and Trent Richardson is a beast.

All this really means is that when LSU comes to town, the nation will be watching. After a sluggish start, LSU cranked it up and won easily against Kentucky.

Denver Broncos
I really don’t know what else to write about the Broncos. The “Tebow” package that Fox talked about this week ended up being 1 play for 1 yard. Orton who is supposed to give this team the best chance of winning looks pathetic. Underthrows a wide Lloyd one play, over throws the next. More interceptions than TD’s. A few pick 6’s. I can’t believe that Quinn and/or Tebow could do much worse.

And I’m not a pro-Tebow guy at all. He’s a Gator. I just don’t understand the mentality – if the 2012 QB is not on the roster, then play all of them to see what you’ve got in game situations. At least entertain us, right? Cue Gladiator sound bite.

The only brights spots are the 2011 rookies. Miller and Moore – they look very good given they have 4 NFL games as experience. Makes me confident for future drafts. Doesn’t take away the ridiculousness of our offense.

I thought I would dislike McDaniels less after he went. Turns out I was wrong. I can’t stand him even more than when he was here. He killed the Broncos.

Not that any of that would have mattered against the Packers. They are so good. It is clear how far the Broncos have to go to be Super Bowl contenders again. And it is a long, long, long way.

Mike Geer put the beat down on me this week. So 3-1, tied for 1st. Got my first win in the 12th Ave league.


4 thoughts on “Football Thoughts, Week of Oct 2

  1. Great, 1st win, congratulations. This makes you 1-3 and going to play the Big Dogg. Make sure your 7 bench players do not out score your 9 starting players. I want this to be a good game. Oh by the way, unlike Denver, the Chiefs will beat the Packers!

    Roll Tide!


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