On A Mission From God

This originally appeared on whillschurch.org as the weekly evo.

If our only participation in the Missio Dei occurs on Sunday, we are missing multiple opportunities to step into God’s story and activity in the world throughout the week.
David Manner

These words came from David Manner’s blog (which is a great read, I highly recommend it). And in case you were wondering – Missio Dei is Latin for Mission of God.

And I can’t NOT think about the Blues Brothers when I hear those words.

Say what??

There is actually a point in this…hang on.

David’s point is this – to show up on Sunday and worship is to miss God’s story. To only see worship as that one hour on Sunday morning, to only go to worship with the mindset of “what will I get fed this morning” is to miss the whole point of life after the cross.

The mission of God happens 24/7. It’s us being Jesus where we are. We ‘church’ wherever we go, we participate in the ‘Missio Dei’ where ever we are Jesus. And these experiences outside of the Sunday morning experience is true worship and will add to the experience on Sunday morning, making it a richer experience. True worship makes us engage in the story of God, not retreat from it. True worship pushes us to focus outward, not inward.

On October 15th, we are going to participate in the ‘Missio Dei’ at McCarter for Sharefest. (Sign up now if you haven’t already!) On October 29th we are going to participate in the ‘Missio Dei’ at the Potawatomie for Trunk or Treat. We participate in the Missio Dei with Upward, with the work at the Topeka Rescue Mission, and others that I’m sure I am forgetting.

So what has that got to do with the Blues Brothers?

EVERYTHING!! Can’t you see? The whole movie was about getting the band back together for a gig — but it really wasn’t about getting the band back together. It was about helping people in their journey…the gig was just the icing on the cake. (Yes, the analogy breaks down terribly from this point on and this is why I’m stopping here…)

To only show up on Sunday – to focus on the ‘gig’ – is to miss the mission of God. And that’s for both the staff that creates and leads the service as well as those who show up to attend. The Missio Dei is a lifestyle, a journey. It’s an adventure of investing ourselves in others in the name of Jesus.

And that’s what we are supposed to be about. Join the Mission.

Cue music —


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