The iPad 2 and Ministry

Western Hills surprised/embarrassed me pretty good last week. I never like being surprised, especially on Sundays but they got me good. I had no clue what was coming. Completely and totally surprised. And a little miffed…until I saw the gifts. Then I felt like crying and crawling under the front pew. But that’s another story for another time…

I’ve had a couple of guys bug me about why the iPad is so much better than a normal laptop so this is my apologetic for it.

There are some things that no one should really try on a iPad.

1. Eat.
2. Edit a movie clip.
3. Dance.

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. But there are some killer apps on the iPad that are pretty much going to render my time on a laptop small. Especially if you add a bluetooth keyboard.

Here is the screen shot of my front page of apps for the iPad2. Let me walk through a couple of MUST have apps for those in ministry.

Logos Bible – Logos 4 is expensive. BUT…for a teacher/communicator – worth every penny. This app lets me access ALL my resources as long as I can get internet. If I need a specific one or two — download them.

Evernote – great for travel logs, blogs, pics, video. Online, PC counterparts as well.

Pages – $10 in the app store. Worth it. It’s basically Microsoft Word on your tablet but better. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the laptop app has. The glaring missing component is the export/share feature.

Dropbox + iBooks = how to teach/preach from your iPad. Put your sermon or message in a PDF form and upload it to Dropbox. When you open it in Dropbox, it will ask what app to use to open it. Pick iBooks. Now you can page turn through your notes without the keyboard popping.

By the way – if you are going to teach with the iPad —-
1. Turn off autolock.
2. Lock the orientation.
3. Put in airplane mode.

Bible (YouVersion) – great, quick, easy Bible. Be sure to download a couple of versions so that if you don’t have internet – you’ve still got the Word.

WordPress – It’s okay. It’s better than nothing if you have a wordpress blog – as I do both personally and the church’s website. So I can add a post from here if I want. I wish it had a bit more power with it.

Hootsuite – let’s you do Twitter and Facebook at same time. I used to think this was the best app for Twitter…and it is still the #2 app for that. What’s #1.

Flipboard – This is like a trip to Disney for apps. Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, LinkedIn, and anything else you can imagine. It’s got a magazine layout, so I can ‘turn the page’ and quickly see a ton of information. I can point to where and go there OR just swipe by. I can’t even describe how incredible this app is if you are an avid reader of blogs, magazines, and the like.

I’m actually going to try to teach from my iPad this weekend. We will see how it goes.


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