I’m Not A Real Veteran

I served in the Army. I was a combat engineer, combat military police in charge of prisoner escorts, and finally a Chaplain. I made the rank of Captain which only proves that anybody can join the Army and make Captain.

I was 45 days away from going to Kuwait when we were told to stand down. I resigned my commission 2 months before 9/11. I’ve done forced marches, night fires, NBC training, blown up tanks, roads, bridges, and building. I’ve repelled out of a perfectly good helicopter 100 feet up in the air. I experienced a fellow soldier die in training. I’ve broken up bar fights and help soldiers figure out their marriage as well as introduced them to Jesus.

But I’ve never been shot at. I’ve never dug a hole in the ground with the knowledge that it might just be the only thing between me and heaven. I’ve never had to clear my M-16 of blood and sand or drag a friend back to the Humvee. I’ve never been surrounded by the enemy.

I’ve never been thousands of miles away from my family…missing birthdays, anniversaries, football games, and pizza parties just for the love my country.

But I know men and women who have done those things. I’m both thankful and humbled by their attitude and sacrifice. And I’m thankful. Very, very thankful that they left their homes so that the rest of us can enjoys ours.


One thought on “I’m Not A Real Veteran

  1. Thanks Grant, as I write this Zack is over in Afghanistan. What these men endure on a daily basis is more than we can imagine and I only know a little of it. As always, your words are wise. Thanks again!


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