The Debate of Going To The Broncos Game

I have a great friend that has season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ve known this family for year and we are incredibly close but there is one thing that comes between us…two times a year. They are die-hard Chief fans. I am a die-hard Bronco fan.

Last year, he took Cooper and Amy to the game at Arrowhead. I’ve been to a game at Arrowhead – Broncos, 1st ever Thanksgiving game at Arrowhead in fact. At that time – it was as loud as I can imagine a venue to be. He offered me tickets again this year and I really wanted to go but I just couldn’t swing it.

Besides that, the last few times I’ve gone to a professional football game, it’s been a bit dodgy.

Raider-Bronco game @ Invesco field, 2009. Broncos give up 24 unanswered points in the second half and get thoroughly embarrassed. That was just more fuel for the handful of Raider fans around us to drop more F bombs than a Samuel L. Jackson movie. It didn’t matter how many kids were around. They kept drinking and kept swearing. It was one of the few times I imagined throwing someone off the top deck of a stadium.

Chief-Bronco game @ Arrowhead, Thanksgiving night, 2008. You know the problem with night games? It gives bone-head fans all day to prove their bone-headedness. It was just me and Cooper for this go around. It was Jake Plummer’s last official start in the NFL. Cutler ended up starting the next week.

Any rate, we wore our Broncos gear and had a great time until it was time to leave. Even though we lost, I made sure that we stayed as late as we could to avoid the doofus’ in the ramps going to out to the car. On the way, several fights broke out between Bronco and Chief fans. I managed to get Coop and I out of there with little incident. There was an older Chief fan that sat next to us through out the game and he walked down with us, running block as best as he could.

On the way to the car, I noticed a Bronco fan with a busted nose, blood running down his Eddie McCaffrey jersey. Appropriate, I thought.

He said – “Hey man, I need some help. I was hit by a Chief fan.” What did you do?

“I told ’em all to go …” well, just let your imagination roam and that’s pretty much what he said.

I kept walking and said to Cooper – I can’t imagine why anyone would want to punch that guy.

A buddy of mine was at the Bills-Chief game earlier this year and he had beer and food thrown at him as he was sporting Bills gear. No Bills fan should ever get anything thrown at them as being a Bills fan is enough embarrassment as it is. It’s not his fault that the Chiefs are terrible and can’t decide if they are a horrible team that plays well every now and then or a good team that plays horrible every now and then.

Fortunately for me, the Broncos are consistent. They are just a bad team right now. Tebow is painful to watch and I think Elway/Fox are geniuses for playing him out this year so that every Tebow fan in the country can see the train wreck for what it is. Now…Tebow at linebacker? Or tight end? That would be freakin’ awesome.

Any rate, I’ll watch the game from the comfort of the house with no beer being thrown at me or F bombs launched. And if by some miracle the Broncos pull this one out…I’ll gloat only for a few moments as the rematch is coming in a short few weeks.


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